Welcome to The Tegianzone

Change is eternal…

Over the next several months there will be some changes coming to The Tegianzone.

No, the Rick Emerson Archives are NOT going away.  I will be doing some more updates to them, and working on updating the Podcast Feed to include the 2006 and early 2007 shows.  I’m not sure if they should be modified into single show files, or just keep the multi-hour format I was using back then.

What will be changing –

  • A mini blog about the goings on in my mind, often related to pop culture.
  • Review of said pop culture, both new and from the past.
  • A photo gallery of pictures I’ve taken, as one should NOT rely on Facebook or Instagram to store ones photos.
  • Short stories, possibly a series of them that come from my head.  Some may be totally original, others may draw on the canon of well-known franchises.

Additionally, you should check out SwissArmyGeek.com to read my ramblings and ideas about technology.

As I work on both of these ventures, please share content you enjoy on the platform(s) of your choice.  Also, please consider a donation to help operate this site for all of your enjoyment, and to encourage me to actually get off my ass and write.

For fun, frivolity, nostalgia, and good times!