Welcome to the Tegianzone

Welcome to the Tegianzone, home of Witty Banter… and Rick Emerson.

For those unfamiliar, Rick Emerson is a radio personality, TV personality, and author from Portland, Oregon.  Through the many changes in radio, over the last decade, he was left without a place on the dial.  I assisted him in getting an online station going for his show.  He eventually fell out of love with broadcasting after a couple of years, and the station lives on as Funemployment Radio.  On this site you will find podcasts of his 2006-2009 radio programs on KCMD-AM Portland (now KUFO-AM) and KUFO-FM Portland (now KXL-FM), along with other media that can be scrounged from the Internet.  I will soon be adding those shows I have from Rick’s 2002-2005 show on KOTK-AM Portland, and whatever else I can pull out of the couch cushions that is the Internet.

Aside from that, I am a Swiss Army Geek, meaning I’m a geek about a great many things, not that I’m a geek about the Swiss Army, or their knives.  Computers, cooking, cars, history, and roads are just a few of my geeky tendencies.  I am working on adding information about many of these to this site, so stay tuned.

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For fun, frivolity, nostalgia, and good times!